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About Kashmir

The Valley of Kashmir, is a pert of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir that rises in tiers from the plains to encompass mountainous terrain, high altitude valleys and plateaus.

Many things: its landscape, a lush green valley and rolling wooded uplands ringed by snowcapped mountains, crisscrossed by rivers and studded with lakes; Its rich profusion of trees and flowers and fruits-the Himalayan cedar, the Chinars, the ramrod straight poplars, the pale pink foam of almond blossoms in spring, lotuses budding in the late summer heat, jewel like cherries glowing in wooden boxes, and in autumn, saffron-yielding crocuses in the plateaus of Pampore stretching purple as far as the eye can see.

The immense wealth of handicrafts, evoking different and subtle tactile sensations the soft, buttery feel of the famed Toosh shawls, the waxy smoothness of planed walnut wood out of which beautiful motifs and designs are carved, papier-mâché—slick to touch and a marvel to the eyes, the rough texture of the numdah and the thick, luxurious pile of silk and woolen close-knotted hand made carpets; Its foodcurried stalk of lotus, tangy greens and karam saag, crisp fried chops of mutton, mutton cooked in spices and yogurt, meatballs made of finely pounded meat and simmered in a creamy-rich sauce of cardamoms, thickened milk and broth, washed down with cups of kahwa, a tea flavored with cinnamon, cardamoms, almonds and saffron.

The lovely liquid sound of the Kashmiri language; Its people a medley of races and religions Aryan, Scythian and Mongolian; Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists, faces and images closer to Central Asia than to the plains of India.

A wealth of historical remains the sombre magnificance of the Sun Temple at Martand, the formal elegance of Mughal Gardens, the mighty Hari Parbat Fort overlooking the city of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, the Shankarachrya Temple atop the Shankaracharya hill in the heart of the city of Srinagar. These are sights that make Kashmir. Other places in India have some of these but only Kashmir has them all, and from these threads are woven the travel experiences that are uniquely Kashmiri.

Srinagar the capital city stood at the crossroads of the great trade routes between India, Central Asia and China, opening Kashmir to influences from Greece, Persia, Tibet and China, as well as the Indian heartland. The resultant mélange is what makes Kashmir unique.

A unique experience for a life time. Through the ages, it has remained another name for PARADISE. A dream garden, painted a new each season, but always beautiful.